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Quality Control

We are ISO 9001:2008 Certified.

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Our engineers - both in the UK and China - have over a decade of experience in delivering close tolerance mass produced plastic and metal components. Every single project is meticulously monitored and checked both on-site at our production facilities and subsequently on arrival at our warehouse in Bristol.

We perform the following inspection procedures:

  • First Off (or First Article Inspection)
    Soon after production begins (typically between once 1% and 10% of the batch has been produced) we inspect for quality of the components according to your approved samples or specifications.

  • In Process Quality Control
    This includes all the aspects of a regular quality inspection: product appearance, workmanship quality, size measurements, weight check, colour check, functionality, accessories, labeling & logos and any other necessary tests and special requirements depending on the product and the export market.

  • Pre Shipment Inspection
    This includes all the aspects of the 'In Process Quality Control' but is performed as the final components are being produced. It also includes a shipping and packaging inspection.

  • Shipment Arrival Inspection
    This includes all the aspects of the 'Pre Shipment Inspection' but is performed when the components arrive at our warehouse in Bristol.

For more information on our quality control, or to discuss your latest project, please contact us today.

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