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Newly Extended Plastic Hinge Range.

calendar iconSeptember 2012

Newly Extended Plastic Hinge RangeRencol has introduced two brand new hinges and a larger 65mm adjustable tension hinge to complement the existing 43mm Model 01 HI Tension Hinge .

Our new hinge models are manufactured from high impact resistant thermoplastic to ensure maximum strength to weight ratio. The Model 02 HI comes complete with brass threaded inserts and is available in 30mm and 54mm lengths. The Model 03 HI, in 48mm and 64mm variants, has 7mm bores for fixing from above with separate fixing hardware.

Our additional Model 03 HI is manufactured from Acetal polymer and comes with a zinc plated steel countersunk screw to adjust the friction and ease with which the hinge pivots. Available in black with an MOQ of 2 pieces.

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