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Model 03M PH Male Thermoplastic Fixed Revolving Handle:

Thermoplastic Fixed Revolving Handle - Male illustration Thermoplastic Fixed Revolving Handle - Male diagram

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Material: High impact resistant thermoplastic

Standard Colour: Black

Finish: Matt

Male Thread Material: Zinc plated steel with allen key fixing hole.

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Part No. PATTERN A B C Thread size Stocked Item MOQ QUOTE
7757S 3155/M 20 55 12 M6 No 10
7756W 3167/M 23 67 18 M8 No 10
7753X 3177/M 25 77 18 M8 No 10
7755P 3177/M 25 77 18 M10 No 10
7752Q 3187/M 27 87 20 M10 Yes 10
7751U 3187/M 27 87 20 M12 No 10
7750Y 3197/M 29 97 20 M10 No 10
7749R 3197/M 29 97 20 M12 No 10
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