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Model 30SAM PK - Self Assembly Push-Fit Knob:

Self Assembly Knob illustration Self Assembly Knob diagram

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Material: Acetal thermoplastic

Standard Colour: Red, grey or black.

Finish: Textured matt

Info: Simple push-fit assembly with a socket head cap screw. Also available in imperial sizes (MOQs apply).

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PTID PATTERN A B C To fit socket head cap
screw (Metric)
Colour Stocked Item MOQ QUOTE
5027Q SSR1 Black 38 12 14 M6 Black Yes 20
5028T SSR2 Black 38 10 17 M8 Black Yes 20
5031U SSR2 Grey 38 10 17 M8 Grey No 1000
5029W SSR3 Black 38 13 20 M10 Black Yes 20
5032X SSR3 Grey 38 13 20 M10 Grey No 1000
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