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Plastic knobs handles and handwheels from Rencol Components

Rencol Components has been designing, developing and manufacturing plastic and metal components for over 90 years.

Our teams in the UK, China and the USA have extensive industry experience including over a decade in overseas component manufacturing, supply chain management and product warehousing & distribution. Rencol Components has now built a global supply chain and developed an expanded range of high-quality, competitively-priced industrial components.

Standard Components:

Bridge Handles - Click to view Bridge Handles and Pull Handles

Plastic and metal bridge handles, manufactured in glass reinforced nylon (thermoplastic), steel, stainless steel, aluminium and chrome plated steel.

Clamping Handles families - Click to view Clamping Handles and Levers

Thermoplastic and diecast zinc. Operated by a simple lift and rotate movement, all clamping handles include a ratchet for use in confined spaces.

Cranking Handles - Click to view Cranking Handles and Adjustable Levers

Nylon or cast iron cranking handles and steel adjustable tension levers.

Index Plungers and Cam Plungers - Click to view Index Plungers and Cam Plungers

Comprehensive range of positioning plungers, indexing bolts and ball-spring plungers. Available with or without rest positions, fixing plates and lift rings.

Levelling Feet and Accessories - Click to view Levelling Feet and Accessories

Over 12000 combinations of thermoplastic, steel, stainless steel or diecast zinc bases with zinc plated steel threaded rods, rubber anti slip plates and threaded tube inserts.

Locks Latches and Vents - Click to view Locks Latches and Vents

Barrel bolts, adjustable latches, and metal vents manufactured from chrome plated brass or stainless steel, suitable for a variety of applications.

Plastic and Metal Handwheels - Click to view Plastic and Metal Handwheels

Plastic and metal handwheels, manufactured from Thermoplastic, die cast box section aluminium, or pressed stainless steel.

Plastic and Metal Hinges - Click to view Plastic and Metal Hinges

Acetal polymer tension plastic hinge, available in black or white.

Plastic and Metal Knobs families - Click to view Plastic and Metal Knobs

More than 80 types of plastic and metal knobs including star, tristar, lobe, ball, wing, scallop, revolving, knurled, thumbscrew, clamping, control and self-assembly knobs. Plastic knobs available in thermoplastic or phenolic (Duroplast or Bakelite). Heavy duty metal knobs, manufactured in steel, stainless steel or aluminium.

Plastic Handles and T-Handles - Click to view Plastic Handles and T-Handles

Designs include straight, Tee shaped, tapered and revolving plastic handles.

PVC Handle Grips - Click to view PVC Handle Grips

PVC grip handles, suitable for a number of different applications. Available in black or red.

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